The Essence Of The Music Business – Contracts


Mika Karhumaa

‘The Essence of the Music Business – Contracts’ addresses understandably the problematic issues and the business that is formed around it. The main focus is on where it most intensively touches its authors – artists and their management. It is the place where all the necessary licenses are ultimately granted. This book deals with what artists usually must arrange in order to achieve their goals. The book deals not only with the most important types of contracts in the industry, but it also takes note their effects on another. Although the book is specially intended for managers and artists, it is also a useful guide to other professionals in the field. The author of the book has over 20 years of experience in the international music business as a manager and legal advisor.

Kirja on tietokirjailija ja manageri Mika Karhumaan musiikkibisnestä ja sen sopimuksia käsittelevä julkaisu vuodelta 2017.


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